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Success Stories

"Right shoulder joint was always aching all the time and with one adjustment the pain was gone and never had trouble again."

- Carolyn D.

"Regular adjustments have improved my daily life 100%. Dr.Moore has been kind and professional. I would suggest his help to anyone with back pain."

-Mansa M.

"The treatment I've received has eased the pain in my lower back significantly. I've also learned techniques that will help me in the future to maintain the health of my upper and lower back."

-Lori C.

"When I first saw Dr.Moore, I was in severe pain in my neck and lower back. After a few weeks, I actually went to the mall and walked it twice with no pain and my neck pain is almost gone. I think this is the only way, I ever want anyone to fix my back problem! Thanks Dr.Moore, you're great!"

-Kathy G.

"I was nervous about getting an "adjustment". I had never been to a chiropractor before. It made a real difference immediately. It wasn't painful at all. The massage therapy in conjunction with Dr. Moore's adjustments was wonderful! I highly recommend his service. Thank you Dr. Moore!"

-Cindi R.

"Thank you Dr.Moore. I'm feeling better everyday, and I hope to continue feeling this way with your help!"

-Bobby C.

"I have been coming to Dr.Moore for awhile. He is very professional and listens to my concerns and questions. I come out of his office more relaxed and refreshed. Derenda has helped as well and the massages are great! Thank you both for your time and services!"

-Chad C.

"I don't know how long it has been since I've had a headache since you started adjusting my neck"

- Danny B.

"I competed in my iron man competition for the first time with no pain in my lower back"

- Stephanie V.

"I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor but you really helped my low back pain"

- Evelyn M.

"I'm so thankful for Dr. Moore who helped me with my back and neck pain. All his staff are just wonderful! Again, Thank you!"

-Carolyn J.