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Active Therapeutic Movement

Active Therapeutic Movement

ATM2 Therapy or Active Therapeutic Movement Exercises is one of the newest techniques in physical therapy and chiropractic. The Active Rehabilitation Suite is a revolutionary new treatment option that can help you experience dramatic, and immediate pain relief in your back, pelvis, shoulders, hips, legs or neck. Many of our patients experience significant pain relief from the ATM2 on their very first visit.

The ATM2 device is a vertical (upright) treatment table that has three sets of belts. These specialized belts allow you to be supported safely while the specific body areas causing you pain are comfortably compressed and positioned. Therapy with the ATM2 should never cause pain or discomfort.

Within minutes of using the ATM2, your painful movements can become completely pain-free! Once Dr. Moore has found the pain-free movement, she then adds a resistance exercise. Because ATM2 treatments are done in an upright, weight-bearing position, the beneficial physical changes are long lasting. The theory behind Active Therapeutic Movement is that the resistance exercise forces your Central Nervous System to learn a new, "better" (pain-free) way to use your muscles.

ATM2 treatments only take a few minutes, but they consistently provide immediate pain relief.