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Whiplash and Neck Pain After Auto Injury

Huntington Chiropractic Accident & Injury Clinic has successfully represented dozens of auto-injury claimants suffering from neck pain and whiplash injuries. Huntington Chiropractic Accident & Injury Clinic has developed an expertise in both the medical and legal components of neck pain and whiplash-associated disorders.

About Neck Pain After Auto Injury:

Neck pain is the most common injury after a motor vehicle collision, affecting up to 90% of auto-injury claimants.

Immediately after a crash, you may walk away feeling relatively unharmed only to wake up the next morning with significant pain. Many people make the mistake of not seeking medical attentions, since they assume it's only a minor injury that will go away on its own. Unfortunately, for delaying treatment for whiplash injuries may lead to chronic symptoms. 

Another common misconceptions is that no injuries can occur in collisions with no vehicle damage. Several scientific studies have shown that even low-speed collisions can place significant strain on the ligaments and structures of your neck, resulting in serious and sometimes long-term damage.

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If you're suffering from neck pain or whiplash after a car crash, call Huntington Chiropractic Accident & Injury Clinic for a consultation today at (304) 523-7891.